5 Types of YouTube Videos that Are Easily Made & Make Lots of Money

Types of YouTube Videos

On Youtube there are many types of videos, but not all videos are easy to make. And not all types of videos have a lot of interest, or a little demand.
In order for your videos on Youtube to get many views you need to create interesting content. What is interesting content? Certainly what makes people’s attention switch, so want to watch your video show.

Here are some types of videos that you can consider making.

1. Video Tutorial

Tutorial means a guide to making or doing something. Currently, there are many tutorial videos that we find on Youtube. Those of you who like to make up may be interested in doing makeup processions recorded to be shared on your YouTube channel. Or, maybe you want to make a fun video about how to make an alien antidote. Try to be creative to make attractive your shows.

2. Video Display List

You can make a list of interesting things. The list you make can be any question list that can be summarized into interesting titles like, “7 Best Female Boxers of Knockout” or “5 Discovery of Alien Signs on Earth”. The video can contain sounds with moving images, or writing and collages of photographs.

3. Video Unboxing Impressions

Basically, psychologically, humans have a very high sense of curiosity. This also causes unboxing videos to be very much sought after by YouTube users. Ranging from Unboxing children’s toys to technological tools for adults.
Everyone from various ages likes the sensation of “opening up” something that is hidden or wrapped. Just like when you shop and pull out your groceries at home. This opinion has been examined in one of the articles published by MentalFloss.

4. Video Voice Over

Record the voice of your narrative about various interesting facts, your comments about the latest news, your opinions about movies or music that can be visually interesting so that your videos are interesting to watch.

5. Video Illustration Impressions

At present, there are many educational shows that are made with very interesting illustrations and of exceptional good quality. Ever heard of the YouTube Vox channel? Or maybe you are interested in knowing theories in various fields, have you watched CrashCourse? You can also make their content in your own illustration style and narrative.

Happy experimenting!