7 ways to make money from YouTube

How to get YouTube monetization

Are you interested in making some money from your YouTube channel? Yes me too.
Many ways to make money from Youtube. But most people only rely on one monetize source. Though there are many ways to make money from this Youtube.

In this we assume you already understand how to create Youtube channels & upload videos.
Well let’s discuss one by one.
Actually there are many ways to make money from Youtube, but this time we will discuss 7 ways first.

7 ways to make money from YouTube:

1. Make Money from YouTube AdSense

Youtube adsense is the most common way now. After activating monetization on your YouTube channel, you need to do your associate and approved AdSense account on your YouTube account. Later there will be a YouTube Analytic feature that you can use to track your earnings, which will be paid only if you complete or follow the existing Youtube payment threshold.

Good rules video tips :

  • Videos must be user-friendly
  • The content must be your original work so that it can be promoted
  • The copyrighted videos that you plagiarize from the internet will not produce anything so it is better to undo your intention to make plagiarism
  • Your video must pay attention to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that have been made by YouTube
  • If your video has activated its monetization function, some ads will appear on your video.

2. Conduct Conversion Rate to Product Page

If you are responsible for a particular company or business, you can make your YouTube channel a tool to increase your conversion rate.

Create content that shows how good and interesting the product that you want to highlight through soft promotion. Then make a link to your product page in your YouTube video description column.

This is often done by vloggers who want to sell things subtly. For example, in music videos, there are usually many products that are used by the main star or the singer.

3. Selling Videos on the Video Sales Website

You can also sell your videos on commercial websites that provide you with the means for videomakers to sell your work. So, on YouTube, you can upload a show in the form of a teaser and direct your audience to pay if you want to watch the full version.

4. Directing Traffic to Link Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is definitely an opportunity to make money online that is very popular.
The problem is that so many of these affiliate marketers don’t put forward in detail the efforts needed to generate substantial revenue.
In addition to relying on existing blogs to direct people to affiliate links, try creating a cool YouTube channel and use it as a source of traffic to our affiliate link.
Along with the development of a growing visual niche, where people begin to be lazy to read long texts, so videos can be a solution. This is your chance to be able to grow your affiliate business even faster.

5. Attract Sponsorship

If you observe famous YouTubers who are successful on the internet, you will know that in almost all of their YouTube video content there is always an element of sponsorship and advertisement.
They use these two aspects to make money from YouTube, from sponsorship & advertisement / adsense.

6. Live Streaming to Increase Customer Engagement

If you already have enough fanbases or fans, you can hold meetings and greetings.
You can make a regular schedule so that your community can grow.
This activity is carried out to improve your engagement with your loyal subscribers or viewers. Later, you can also sell products or promote other content during the event and take advantage of this opportunity to get to know who your niche is.

7. Think Out of The Box

You need to think outside the box if you want to produce an interesting video to watch from the beginning to the end of the show, then share it back to people until finally it becomes viral content.

That’s how to make money from Youtube. May be useful.